November 8, 2011

If I Could Only Have One...

I was reading Ms. Toni Tiu's blog this morning and it caught me this one and I hope it is okay with her if I do this. I really found it so aliw. Hehehe!

Here we go: If I could only have one________ for life, what would it be?

1. Condiment - Fish Sauce (Patis) I usually eat with patis on the table as my sawsawan. Feeling ko hindi kumpleto ang pagkain ko if wala ang patis sa tabi ko.

2. City to Live in - New York. Since the question is Hypothetical, let's dream big on this one. Since most of my relatives are in this city, I would love to go and visit them plus all the wonderful sites as well.

3. Place to Vacation - Paris. I wanted to visit this place because of their delicious pastry(pastries), the museums and all.

4. Color to Wear - Blue. I really love this color and it usually blends well with the other colors as well.

5. Celebrity/Character Crush: Tom Cruise. For life na ito...

6. Dessert to Eat: Anything chocolate...Chocoholic po.

7. Book to Read: The Twilight Series. Probably for others super babaw ang book na ito but reading the 4 books okay na ako...

8. Television Series to Watch - all CSI series. From Las Vegas to Miami to New York

9. Cartoon Character as a Roommate: the Powerpuff girls. These 3 represents my 3 daughters.

10. Type of Food to Eat (assuming that we can sustain ourselves easily off of one thing) - Pizza...basta ang topping eh meat at cheese tapos thin crust, any brand will do.

I am tagging Rachel, Cielo, Tetcha, Fleur, Icar and YOU. If you're supposed to be working but reading this post instead. *wink*


  1. Mahilig din ako sa patis! Ang bad nga e minsan kasi sinasabaw ko pa sa kanin ko. hehehe!

  2. @anney: naku! when I was small I tend to do the same thing, pag ndi ko type ang ulam sa patis lang okay na and that is definitely a no-no. hehehe! thanks for reading... :D


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