November 16, 2011

New Design

I decided to change the template of my blog... Since I can't pay for somebody to do a "renovation" on my blog and the design I want is not available, I will settle for the one I have right one. It is simple and easy to read ( I hope).

I hope that you will like the new design of my blog. Enjoy reading.


  1. Hi sis,
    Nabasa ko comment mo sa blog ko. I just realized na may nagbabasa parin pala ng blog ko, hahaha! Thank you for linking me too. I'll link you as well. And added you on my Google reader para mabasa ko rin updates mo.

    Excuse me for not updating much though. Maintaining 3 blogs are hard pala. Minsan wala na akong masabi. Hehehe!

    Have you checked these site: -- they have blogger themes that you can choose. Baka may magustuhan ka jan.

    See you around.

  2. @Jhari: hello! i love reading your blog...nahihiya nga ako kasi Catholic ako, lately ko lang na-realize, Muslim ka pala pero I am very fond of your blog probably because, whatever faith we belong to, pag mother ka iisa ang language at faith. thanks for reading my blog and for dropping by here...I really, really appreciate it so much. I will be checking the link you gave me sa templates ng blogger. thank you again... :)


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