November 2, 2011

It's all about Me....

It's the 1st Wednesday of the month November. And for this week's top 5, it will be focused on myself (naks!). I want to share naman yung ugali/attitude ko, good and bad (ooohhh). I hope after listing my TOP 5, you will still come back and read my blog.... *crossing my fingers*

1. LOYAL FRIEND - buhatan na ito ng sariling bangko, but it's true. IF you're really my friend,
no matter what happens, walang iwanan sa ere.

2. IF I DON'T LIKE YOU, DON'T PUSH IT - sorry but it's true. Hindi sa nagsusuplada ako or what. Pero parang I have this feeling/instinct/gut na if I don't like you, I really don't talaga. Siguro for others after they read this, they will tell me, it's your loss BUT okay lang because I have a lot that I like in life already. And besides ako naman ang pwede magsabi who's who in my life. *wink*

3. I DON'T EASILY FORGET THINGS - hahaha! Di ba may kasabihan na FORGIVE AND FORGET. I could forgive you, BUT I won't easily forget what bad deed you have done to me, my family and my friends.

4. THINK BEFORE YOU SAY IT - Before I would say what I want to say not thinking if my words (or actions) will hurt other people. Francis taught me this, before you open your mouth be sure to think it over because whatever you will say, you can't take it back anymore.

5. I LAUGH OVER MY PROBLEMS - Weird ba?! Ito lang naman ang puwede natin gawin because problems come and go. Whether it is a small or big one. Besides this is one trait that we, Filipinos have. Even my mother in law loves to hear me laugh because nakakadala daws at parang walang problema. As what I usually reply: It is up to us how are we going to handle our problems. As if naman lulubayan tayo ng problema?!

So there you have it, at least one way or another you know me already. How about you?! Any good or bad traits you have and would like to share?

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