November 6, 2011

2 Birthday Parties in one day

Yesterday, November 5, 2011 my daughters and I attended 2 birthday parties. One is a 7th birthday celebration held at Mcdonald's Lipa Highway and the other party is the 18th birthday celebration held at Green Leaf Resort here also in Lipa.
The first party we went to was the 7th birthday. It was a fun day for us but I believe for the kids more. Imagine the games and the prizes which I believe is what was in every kids mind when joining games and going to birthday parties (hehehe!). The only thing with the games was that it was not that much fun for the kids though. Most of the kids were looking forward to the longest greeting that I believe would have been much better than that of the trivia questions for the characters of the fastfood chain, nag-practice pa man din ang mga anak ko for that contest tapos wala pala, tsk...tsk...tsk.

Here are some of the pics that I took at the party of my niece, Leslie Carig, the celebrant.

the tarpaulin for the celebrant

the celebrant, Leslie Carig

the beautiful cake and the cupcakes
(super yummy ang cupcakes na yan)

the balloons and some of the
give-aways for the party

the games for the kids, ito masaya ito

another game for the kids

even us mothers (except for the lady na
naka-long sleeves, my cousin Lai, she is
still single) joined a game just for the
prizes which is for our kids. (hehehe)

the celebrant with her daddy Terry,
mommy Chillet, and sister Lianne

the kids turn to have their picture
taken with Kid Mcdo (that's my daughter
Amaya with the white balloon).

After the party at Mcdo we went straight to the 18th birthday of another niece of mine, France at the Green Leaf Resort. Here debut theme was Luau party. Sorry that I could not post any pictures because the battery of my camera was on a low batt that night (bad...bad...) But all in all my kids and I had a great Saturday night. They had their party, I had mine as well.

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