November 21, 2011

Our Usual Conversation

This morning after Amaya took her bath and I was putting her clothes on we had this conversation and I should have seen it coming...Know why.

Me: Amaya, where do you want to go on you birthday? (to think next month pa)
Amaya: Mom, Mcdo lang. (McDonald's in short...)

Me: wow! how nice naman...sure anak...

Amaya: then I will seat on the chair...

Me: (starting to wonder already) of course Amaya we will definitely seat...(akala siguro take out na lang)

Amaya: then I will be in a long dress and then blow the candle sa cake.

Me: ngek! party pala ang gusto mo. (hahaha!) Tell your tatay about it.

Lesson: never ask again. Hahaha! She remembered the last party we went to. Ayun tuwing dadaan kami ng Mcdo, may party daw dun. Hahaha!

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