November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn (Part 1): Now Showing

Ever since I have watched Twilight, with my brother T.J, I got hooked with it. LITERALLY. Baliktad ano?! But for me it is just okay, at least I know who's who. When I began reading the next 3 books, I have these imaginations running in my head of how the characters will act or move in the books. Actually my twilight books are birthday gifts from people who are willing enough to appease my craziness over the series.

NEW MOON - was given to me by my youngest
brother Angelo and his girlfriend Karen.

ECLIPSE - was given to by my brother
Doyle(who came next after me) and
his girlfriend Elaine.

BREAKING DAWN - was given to me by my brother T.J.

To be honest, I have read the Twilight series a LOT OF TIMES. Among the four books,
I love Eclipse the most. I pity Jacob Black because of how much he really loves Bella. The best
line I love in the book is: I WILL BE WAITING IN THE WINGS, BELLA (Jacob Black).

And now that the first part of the movie Breaking Dawn is showing, my daughters and I can't
hardly wait to watch it and see for ourselves of how did the movie turn out to be.

*all images used were from Google images*

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