December 31, 2012

Thank You 2012... Welcome 2013

     It was just like 2012 was starting and now we have to bade our goodbye to the year it was. But before I totally welcome 2013 let me say a few thanks to the past year, 2012. I have to be honest that 2012 has been a good and at the same time trials came, and these 2 made me a better person than I was before. As they say LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES. Trials in life will either make or break you. In my case, "MY" trials in the past year made me  A BETTER PERSON.  

On my being a WIFE to my husband
Francis, I could just say that where ever we
are right now, I am so thankful to the good Lord
that we have maintained a good relationship.
Despite and inspite of. And on this note, I 
would like to say THANK YOU very much for just 
being there for me. And for his Christmas
gift, thank you so much. You 
knew how much I love it. 

On my being a MOTHER to my 3 beautiful,
intelligent daughters. I don't think I am even half
way of what my own parents has done
for me and my siblings. But then as I see my 3
girls growing into fine young ladies,
I guess I could give my self a pat in the
back and I could say I AM DOING
A GOOD JOB and CONTINUE doing it so.

On my being ME, as my own person, I guess I
haven't forgotten to really look after my whole-being.
Once in a while I go on my "ME TIME",
whether just going to the public market, doing
grocery shopping, or just staying
at my favorite place, National Bookstore.

      It was only this year that I have rediscovered my love of reading. Thank you to the mommy bloggers I follow at twitter for the big fuss they made out of the 50 Shades Trilogy and yes I do have them all. After 50 Shades, I started reading other authors like John Green ( the first book that I read was The Fault In Our Stars, and I loved it), Paulo Coelho (I am a late bloomer that is) and Mitch Albom ( I love his latest story, The Time Keeper).

    On me being a mommy blogger, I know I am only beginning my "career" as a blogger but with people who leaves comments on some of the posts I do, they are my inspiration that I could do better. I may not be the best like the bloggers I really look up to, but sharing my thoughts once in a while, what I love to do and read is far more than enough. I am looking forward to more posts though this coming 2013.

     So to 2012, my heartfelt THANK YOU. Thank you for ALL THE TRIALS that came my way. It took me a while to bounce back but here I am still standing and I made it. Thank you for the wonderful time you have given me, my family, my friends and my blog. You really made me a better person, 2012.

     Thank you and good bye.... And now looking forward to the New Year, 2013...  

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