January 14, 2013

New Name Blog... for the nth time...

     Yes! You've read the new title of my blog. I named it after my nickname, which was given to me my godfather. Most of my relatives, family members, and friends know I do have a very long name, as in. Here it goes: MA. TERESA GRECH QUIATCHON RACAL. People who knows me usually calls me Grech or Grechie. And since I am using Grechie20 in twitter might as well use my nickname minus the number.
     As much as I want to put "MOMMY" before the name, which a lot of the blogs I follow have it, I decided to against it. I have nothing against using the word but I just want to be kinda different from the blog name. It took me a while to really find the "perfect" title that one way or another will really fit my blog URL. So to my blog readers (and followers), Welcome to my blog and I hope you will have fun reading. Will definitely blog soon.

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