January 24, 2013

My To-Do-Lists For Blogging 2013

     Hi! I'm still here! I know, I know we're in the third week of January and I hope ding this post isn't too late. Anyway, one of the many blogs I follow, Dainty Mom, has made her own "to do lists" for her blog. Inspired of what she has done, I decided to make one as well. Here it goes:

         - I have been saving up to have my blog designed by Ms. Pat but every time I am about to get her services the savings I have, I spent it to the expenses of the kids at school. But I promise, to myself, that before April, (my birth month) this blog should be ATTRACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL already. *wink*

        - I have to admit last December I was able to do a lot of things and I was supposed to make a post/blog of each fun and meaningful activity I had but due to the crazy schedule of my 3 daughters (2 pre-teens and 1 in kindergarten) imagine how tiring my schedule was. BUT since I want to be known as a "blogger" and I wanted to be serious with this, I have to update this blog as often as much as possible.

          - I have to admit there are those times that I am having a difficult time thinking of what to post/write/blog BUT when I read other blogs there is this voice inside me that says: I SHOULD HAVE WROTE THAT. So by this time, I will try to post whatever I want to post, of course with discretion and all. And as well be inspired of the other BLOGGERS that I follow.

         - I have been thinking of this since last year but I always "chicken out" asking WELL KNOWN BLOGGERS to guest post here in my SMALL blog. But if I really wanted this blog to take off I guess it is not bad at all to have guest bloggers here. I have to have that courage to ask them do some post here, (crossing my fingers)

     So these are my MAIN TO-DO-LIST for blogging 2013. Hoping I will be able to do all of these this year. How about you, care to share your TO-DO-LIST for blogging?

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