June 23, 2012

My Thoughts: Fifty Shades Trilogy

Last week while I was reading tweets in my timeline, I've noticed the exchange of tweets between Mommy Fleur, Mommy Aimee, and Mommy Jackie. To shy to ask what they're talking about, I just made an observation. It is a book entitled FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Intrigued by it, I told myself that when I visit National Bookstore I will be looking for it.

That night I told my eldest daughter, Arielle, of what I read over at twitter. She told me, Mom there is that book at National and I was reading the short summary at the back and I can't understand it. So few days after I went to the mall, then straight to the bookstore. There I saw the book. I read the summary and to be honest, not much was given. Still intrigued, I decided to buy it. That night I read it right away. And to my surprise IT IS INDEED DIFFERENT. Let's just say that those who will be reading the trilogy should BE AN ADULT, at least 21 years of age. Hahaha!

the Fifty Shades Trilogy

The story has LOTS and I say A LOT, of sex between the 2 main characters. The explicit description of each act during sex, a lot of use of the "F" word and other foul words that I believe are suitable for ADULTS literally. But then again, I won't be buying all books if there isn't a sense of what it's all about. To be honest I didn't imagine that I would be able to go through the first book, yet I've grown to love the story and especially the character of Christian Grey, despite and inspite, of who and what he has become. I love Anastacia Steele for her being bull-headed, determined, simple, down-to-earth kind of girl and so loving to Christian.

my Favorite book among the 3

Among the 3 books, the last book that I really love, FIFTY SHADES FREED. I won't go into details why but you adult blogger readers should read it and see why. As I've said before I am not a BOOK CRITIC or whatsoever, it just so happened I love reading books. This is my first ever ADULT BOOK that I've read in my entire life. Hahaha! Buy the books and be blown away by Christian Grey.

Laters, baby... (love it)

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