June 7, 2012

Amaya: Ready for School

Last Week I finished buying all of the things that Amaya will be needing for the coming school year. She will be in Kinder at Silver Crest, the elementary department of Lipa City Colleges (LCC). The time I chose for her is from 10:45 a.m. to 1:45 p. Why this schedule? Since Amaya sleeps quite late at night, and she is having a difficult time waking up early, this is the most suitable time for her. Yeah I am also excited for her but at the same time nervous as well. Last Tuesday morning I went to LCC to ask if the school uniform is already available, unfortunately we have to wait until the first week of July for the uniform.. That means 2 weeks of ordinary clothes for her. While the notebooks will be distributed on the 1st day of school...

the books that Amaya will
be using for this school year

the basic things needed by a
Kindergarten student

the lunch box/kit, it is still
a Dora the Explorer design.

this black shoes, Amaya chose it
she really likes Dora the Explorer

The socks that Kinder pupils from
Silver Crest should be the knee high
type of socks.

a pack bag given by
Amaya's godmother,
Ninang Maricon

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