June 20, 2012

SilverCrest: The School We chose

It took me and Francis a while to choose, where Amaya will go to. A part of us wanted her to go to the school where my 2 oldest daughters went but then again I wanted her to go to a new one so that comparison of her with her two older siblings will be avoided. At the end, hubby and I decided to let Amaya enroll at SilverCrest, the elementary department of Lipa City Colleges. The said school only started last year with Nursery, Kinder, Preparatory and Level one. It is only this year that they went full blast of their elementary department and now accepts transferees. So my dear blogger readers, let me show you the school.

the school Mission
and Vision

As one enters the school
gate, you will see this at
the guard's table... the
I.D. of the kids would be
placed on top of that small square
so that the school will know
what time the students arrived.

as one enters, You will be
greeted by this huge image of
Jesus Christ

One will see this printed
paper of where each level will

this is a reminder of what a
student should do and should
not do inside the playroom/library

each student who will be playing inside
the playroom should place their shoes
here in the shoe box

the playroom which the kids
really love to go to

aside from the stairs they have
this ramp with handles. the
flooring of the ramp is not
slippery at all, it is child friendly.
Kids with bags that is the stroller
type could use this one

and the most favorite place of
the kids, the playground.

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