June 15, 2012

Amaya's 1st Day at School

Yesterday, June 14, was Amaya's first day at SilverCrest. Instead of the 3 hour period, the principal (Tr. Johnel Aguilera) decided to make it just 2 hours, warm-up period and then next week will be the start of the regular 3 hour period. So let me share with you my dear blogger readers how it went.

Pictorial mode before
going to her classroom... And yes
I know how big her name tag is.

They are 15 in class, girl power
it is.

the classroom

This is why the principal told us
to let our kids bring their jackets, it
is an air-conditioned classroom.

English chart

Science chart

this is the left wall decorated
with stars, moon, planets and
other space objects

after class, Amaya asked permission
to play in the playroom with her
new found friend... It is also air-conditioned

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