June 14, 2012

Orientation Day

It has been ages since the last time I blogged. Sorry folks, mommy duties first and now I have a lot of stories to tell about Amaya's first time to go to school. As in. Anyway, let me start with the orientation yesterday held at the gymnasium of Lipa City College which is few blocks away from the school. As we entered the gymnasium, we registered first and the teachers gave us this bag, which is FREE and should be used by the students.

yellow bag will be used
by the kindergarten students

After the orientation, the parents were toured all over the campus, sorry no pictures because I have 3 bags with me at that time. My own bag, the back pack of Amaya which carried her books and other stuff plus the bag, picture above. But I will definitely blog about the school where my daughter goes to.

Inside the bag are 6 notebooks provided by the school as well. 5 notebooks for the respective subjects and 1 composition notebook for their assignments.

The notebooks that
were provided by the school

After the Orientation, Amaya and I went to the printing office to get her I.D and we got it already and Amaya is officially a student now. She was really happy when she got her I.D. She said to me: MOM, GANDA KO ANO?! Hahahaha! That's what you call self confidence, yun nga lang napasobra.
Amaya's I.D. which makes
her officially a student.

Amaya and I ate lunch at Mcdonald's which is near the said school. After lunch we went home to rest. As in I really got tired. When my eldest daughter arrived home from her 1st day as a high school student, she gave me a list of what are the things she needed for school. So off to the mall to buy the things she needed as well as Amaya's.

The things I bought for
Amaya which will be placed in the
grooming box.

the grooming box which is
an old shoe box covered
with red art paper, for kinder
students and then wrapped
again with a plastic cover

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