April 2, 2013

Rantings of a Mom....

     It's April already?! Whoa! Time really flies sooo fast that the first quarter of the year is done and summer vacation has begun. It will be 2 months with my girls around. 2 months of chaos (admit it moms out there) no matter how thankful we are that our children are in the house, most of the time it is chaos around. Shouting of the kids here and there, scattered toys around - especially on my part, which I still have a 6 year old daughter who just knows how to play and is not in the mood to keep her toys after she played with it. More time for the kids, especially with my 2 older ones, to spend on the computers or playing with their father's PSP. But then again, it will be just for 2 short months that these things will happen. 2 short months that my house will be in chaos. 2 short months that everyday of my life I will definitely hear shoutings from my 2 older ones to their youngest sister. 2 short months that I will be spending it with my girls, just laying around in the bed a little longer, watching our favorite morning serye, PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART. 2 short months that we will be enjoying to our hearts content.

     This post may be about my rantings and all but I so love my 3 daughters to the max. These girls are our (my husband's as well) strength to go on with our daily lives no matter how difficult it may be. So bring it on, the chaos and all, for I know I could really manage it.

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