August 26, 2013

It Has Been A While....

      Hi! It has been a while ( a long while actually) since I really blogged a well-written post that really comes from my heart (and with sense plus those thoughts that usually comes in). I have to admit since the last post I made, I got TOO LAZY to write down small and big details of what is on my mind. But as I read in on of the many blogs I follow, Dainty Mom, whether there is someone who reads your post or not, one should continue writing and posting it. Besides, since I wrote my first post of August last year, I told myself, that I would write of my routines, the little things that happens to me everyday as a mom of 3 girls (2 pre-teens and a 6-year old)

     I may not have a following yet but I know one day, I will be having those followers and who will patiently read my posts and at the same probably, leave comments as well. As Dainty Mom, told me, it is not bad to dream big for one's blog, and I want to claim it... Right now, I am willing to write down thoughts that comes up in my mind, the every day anecdote I have with my Amaya, cause she really say the darnest things. Hahaha!

    So until my next post... Hope to hear from you my dear blog readers....

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