March 19, 2012

Blood Letting Drive

Last March 14, 2012 the De La Salle Lipa College held a blood letting drive for the benefit of the Cancer Warriors Batangas Chapter. It began at 8 in the morning and ended at 5 in the afternoon. A bag of blood collected from the donor could help at least 3 persons or be able to save 3 more lives. So to the donors, a heartfelt THANK YOU for taking some of your time in donating your blood.

Some of the donors
who are filling up their
information sheets

Before you donate blood,
the physician explains to the donor
what you are about to go to.

the beds where the donors
will be laying.

The people who helped
the donors in donating
their bloods.

Hubby has been donor
for some time now....

The lady in violet shirt, is a volunteer
of the Cancer Warriors Batangas
Chapter, whose child have

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