March 12, 2012

Welcome Summer....

The night we arrived from our family get away (click here) my brother in law, Garry told us that we are ALL going on a swimming the following day, Feb.26. He rented a pool somewhere in Pansol, Laguna for us. So that night after we arrived from Tagaytay, I started packing the towels, clothes. toiletries and other stuffs that we usually bring during an outing. And by the way we have to leave our place at exactly 7:00 in the morning. Just imagine the smiles of our kids, nephews and nieces plastered all over their faces. Here are a few of the picture of the pool that my brother in law rented just for the whole day. There are places there at Pansol Laguna that can be rented if you want the privacy of swimming and having a good time.

if you have any packed lunch or
foods to be cooked, most of the
places that can be rented have stoves and

to those who loves to sing
there is a videoke and you
could sing your heart out...
just like my hubby

this is the kiddie pool
if you would notice, the caretaker
put enough water because of
the toddlers.

this is the adult pool
there is a slide and a
net over the pool.

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