June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Francis

     Since there will be a scheduled brownout here in our place tomorrow, I am doing this early post for my husband and father of 3 girls. Francis, this is for you. I hope I could do justice in doing this post. Hehehe! You are the very FIRST PRINCE CHARMING and FIRST LOVE OF THE GIRLS, from the time they were born and I knew until they get a life of their own. THANK YOU is not enough and I know will never be enough for trying and giving a good life to the girls and to this family. You are trying your very best to provide a good future for the girls, give them a good education. I know you're working your ass out just to give them what they NEED. And despite your hectic schedule, you always find time to spend it with us. I know these memories will forever be in the girls' hearts.

     The girls, especially the 2 older ones, knows that once you try to share your "wisdom" to them, they totally listen and I know they really keep it in their heads and hearts. As much as possible even their "wants" you try your very best to give it them. Just seeing you spending time with them makes me smile and I know these are the precious moments that the girls will never, ever forget.

Proud Tatay when Ate Arielle
graduated from elementary 2012

Taken during the treat
for Ate Arielle during her graduation

During Ate Joie's graduation
last March 2013

This is one photo that I took
wherein Amaya is so sweet. You will
always be her LOVE...

We never had a photo taken na
matino. hahaha! 

During the last swimming
that we had as a family. The kids really
enjoyed this one.
Some of your BADMINTON trophies...
You are one good player.

     So to you, Francis, Tatay to the kids. Happy, Happy Father's Day. Thank you for everything that you have done for the kids and I know you're still trying your very best to do everything for them. Always remember that the kids and I really LOVE YOU SO MUCH... You're the best TATAY! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.... 

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