May 28, 2013

Back To School....Again

     Aside from Christmas shopping one of the one thing kids look forward to is shopping for their school supplies, we parents should admit that buying the things needed for our children is one of the most stressful part of the year as well. Our children looks forward to buying new school shoes, bag/s, lunch boxes, socks and others. Nowadays time is really difficult, aminin, so if there are ways and means to save we always do it. As a mom of 3 girls (2 pre-teens and a 6 year old), I have to stretch the budget that my husband gives me. So I would like to share with you some tips on how you could save and stretch the money that you have.

1. MAKE A LIST  - always, always make a list of the THINGS NEEDED.... repeat that NEEDED. There are schools that usually give the lists of the things, specifically, for every level (especially for the nursery, kinder and preparatory students). You're lucky if you have these so that you could buy immediately. While there are schools that usually sells their OWN NOTEBOOKS with the school logos and all (but quite expensive compared when buying at the bookstore).

2. When buying things especially needed by your children, buy brands that are trust-worthy. I hope parents will understand what exactly I mean. Example, last year, I bought my 2 older daughters school shoes from a good brand, and I tell you this year my daughters will still be using the same shoes we bought. Because if you invest or buy things with good quality it will definitely go a long way.

3. When buying school supplies, especially if you're going to bookstores, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR KIDS to someone you could trust. I tell you every time my I go to the bookstore and look for the latest books, there are kids crying, mothers who are hot-headed already because her children WANTED something else. So to lessen the dagger looks by the moms to their kids, leave them behind and besides it will be easier for you to shop cause you will be able to buy things that are within your budget.

4. As early as April, I am done already with all my school shopping, why is that so? Because when I had a money on hand, I started buying things that my kids will be needing, so that the remaining money that will be handing to me will be allotted to something else. Now that is what I call BUDGETING.

5. Don't forget to bring your reusable bags, as many as you could bring, so that it will not be added to the items that you have to pay for. A price for a reusable bag, could go for 25-35 pesos each, so sayang naman if you have to pay an extra for that.

6. Wear comfortable clothes. Since it is not yet rainy season, wear something comfortable especially if you will have to go to the mall and buy the things needed for the coming school year.

7. RECYCLE - In some schools, they usually give the free hand to the parents/students what kind of notebooks the want to buy. So if there are still few leaves from the past school year left, reuse it. You saved from spending, you helped Mother Nature as well.

     I hope with these simple tips from a mom of 3,  have helped you. Enjoy school shopping Mommies

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