May 12, 2013

On Being A Mom

     There are few more hours before this important day for all the mothers, moms, nanays, inays, mudras on earth left. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, single moms, working mom, work-at-home-moms, and stay-at-home moms (like me...). As they say being a MOTHER is the most noble job in the world, a job where there is no overtime pay, no bonuses at all, a job that you have to be a NURSE/DOCTOR when your kids are sick (which I really hate the most, I mean the kids being sick and all.); TEACHER, we are our kids' first teachers, we teach them from singing the alphabets to counting 1 to 10 (or at the most up to 20 or more); PSYCHOLOGIST because we really have to understand their behavior/s; FRIEND, we have to be the very first ones to listen to our kids woes and problems, what happened to them at school. Being a  MOM is a job offers no degree at all.

     Every time I read mommy blogs, I usually tell them that I am a mom of 3 daughters. Yup 3. I have 2 pre-teens already and a 6 year old. As they say kids nowadays are totally different with kids, let's say 10 years ago. And to this I totally agree. With my 2 older ones, if they are really makukulit already, I could just stare at them and they will totally behave. As in. But with my youngest, staring with big, wide eyes is not effective anymore. Nowadays, one thing I really pray is that I am blessed with MORE PATIENCE. My facebook friends knows what I am talking about especially when it comes to my youngest. Being a MOM to my daughters is not an easy task. I have 2 pre-teens that I have to guide, tell things that are not good for them, on how to choose friends, and everyday reminder to really study very hard, because cliche as it may sound, EDUCATION IS THE ONLY GIFT that my husband and I could leave them with. With my 2 pre-teens, I have to give them, as much as possible, HONEST TO GOODNESS answers, proud to say that I do have daughters who are way smart than I am when I was their age. As much as possible I NEVER LIE to my daughters because I do believe that being honest with them in return they will be too.

With me are my 2 older daughters,
Ate Joie (with the long hair) and
Ate Arielle (in white shirt)
    My youngest Amaya, being a Mom to her is totally different cause she herself is different. As they say, NEVER COMPARE your kids to each other and I am sorry that I really can't help it. Hahaha! She is totally different in a lot of ways than her 2 older daughters when it comes to being disciplined, she wants HER WAYS to be followed, which will never happen (though once in a while, nakakalusot... hehehe). But like her two older sister, I am proud to say that she is one intelligent young girl too. Like now, I do instill on her the words, PO and OPO, of always telling the truth, teaching her to keep her toys in their proper places.

Our Amaya, the most
makulit among our 3

     When I became a mom, I never knew what to expect and now after 3 girls, it is STILL an everyday learning for me. Learning to know each one of them. Learning what they like, dislike, of what they want to become one day. I am learning to become a mom everyday because of them. I know I am not a perfect mother (but who is) nor a good one (hey, I do have a LOT of meltdowns as well) but seeing how other people see and praise my kids of being fine young ladies, I guess I do deserve a good pat in my back. I may be a stay-at-home mom but at the end of the day, I know my girls do appreciate everything I do for them. I am one proud Mom to these girls, who NEVER FAILS to make me happy and feel so loved. So to KATHERINE ARIELLE, JOSEPHINE THERESE, and AMAYA ISABELL, thank you for being my SOURCE OF STRENGTH, for THE JOY you girls bring, for the SMILE that greets me every time you come home from school, for the LOVE you give me.THANK YOU... I could never asked for anything more....

Me and My girls....
I love you girls so much....
You mean the world to me.... 

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