November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Ate Joie!

     It was exactly 14 years ago of the same date that I gave birth to my 2nd daughter. As far as I could remember, I was done with ironing of our clothes when I felt that initial pain. Then after few more minutes there it was again. After few more, Francis (my husband) and I decided to go to the hospital already. My eldest daughter was left to the care of my mother in law. If I could remember it right, it was past 10:00 in the evening already that I was admitted then few minutes later I was brought to the delivery room already.

     After an hour, I gave birth to a small baby girl. Despite the fact that I have anesthesia I was aware of what's going around me, that I didn't hear my baby cry, unlike with my first. Few minutes I heard her cry already and I felt so relieved. Francis came up to my room and told me that the pediatrician, Dra. Javillo, told him that our girl have to be supported by an oxygen cause she can't breathe on her own. Hours after, the oxygen was removed. God is really indeed good. The following day, I decided to visit my daughter at the NICU and there I saw how small she really was. After 3 days I was discharged already (Normal Delivery) but my baby has to stay behind for few more days at the hospital and that broke my heart. Three days after she was able to come home with us. 
That is Ate Joie....

     Francis and I decided to name her JOSEPHINE THERESE. Josephine was from hubby's sister who died immediately after she was delivered. Therese was from St. Therese of the Child Jesus. Since my family frequently hear mass at Mt. Carmel church and I usually see the life story of St. Therese posted at the right side of the church, I decided to add the name. Her nickname is JOIE, pronounced as JO-WEE. 

Here is Joie with her Ate Arielle 
     Joie wasn't until one year and a half when she learned how to walk on her own. She talked by the time she was 2 years old. I could say she was a late bloomer on some things and yet she brought joy and happiness to Francis, Arielle and me. Between my 2 older daughters, it is Joie and I who clashes the most. We clash on some things. To be honest, I see myself in her, in some aspects. She is hard-headed (like me when I was her age), she speaks her mind sometimes not thinking if I'll be hurt or not, BUT Joie is funny, intelligent in her own way. She inherited her father's artistic side. She loves to dance, sing, act, and do some art/painting stuff. 

one of her many art work that I truly love....

     During the times that landed the lead roles in the theatrical plays at her formal school, I tell you, I am one damn proud mother. Yup, I'm not embarrass to say STAGE MOTHER ako ( I am a stage mother). It was in grade 4 when she landed the role of Gretel, from the story, Hansel and Gretel. I have to admit, I was the one who was so nervous, my hands were sweating. she gave her best at that play. She really cried, sang her heart out yet she lost the best actress award to a gr.5 student. I have to admit, she was so disappointed and I got so frustrated because I know and most of the teachers knew she gave her best performance in that play. She was crushed and so was I. But then again, I have to uplift her spirit and told her that there is still a next time. And who knows, you might win that coveted best actress award.

     Indeed, the following year, during her 5th grade, she won the BEST ACTRESS  award for her role as a villain in the play THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES. And I tell you I cried when she won. I have never been so proud of her. 

Here she was as the villain
for the play The Emperor's
New Clothes
And finally the Best Actress Award...
       Joie and I may may always clash, have different likes, different things, and wants in life, but one thing is for sure, I AM SO DAMN PROUD of he, of her achievements, of everything. I could feel she may think and feel that I don't appreciate the things she does, but she's wrong. I DO ANAK, I DO.

     Always remember, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Your tatay does too and so are your sisters. This family wouldn't be complete IF YOU'RE NOT IN IT. Now that your 14, there will still be clashes between us BUT I hope you will still follow me and be a good girl to tatay and me. Study hard anak, because you have a lot of dreams and I hope (and I know) you'll be able to achieve all of them. I am always here to guide you. Listen to you. Just here for you if you need anything anak. One rule will apply to you, NO BOYFRIEND yet. I Love You ate Joie, continue what you do best and you'll go places that I'm sure of.

     Let me leave you with one of the many conversations I have with her, when she was still 5 (or 6) years old.

      Me: Anak, magmadre ka na lang?

      Joie: Eh ano po ba ang ginagawa ng madre?

      Me: nagdadasal araw-araw. tumutulong sa ibang tao lalo na sa mga nangangailangan

      Joie: as in everyday?

     Me: Yeah. Ayaw mo nun magiging close ka kay Papa Jesus.

     Joie: ndi na ako magmamadre mom, tutal close naman kami ni Papa Jesus.



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