November 12, 2013

Bayanihan Once Again

     Last Friday, November 8, Typhoon Yolanda - described as one of the MOST DISASTROUS TYPHOON in world history - had hit the Philippines hitting the Visayan part of the country, particularly Tacloban and Leyte. As I watched the news, it was said that Yolanda or Haiyan, was far more worse than Hurricane Katrina, which hit the United States years ago. After days of the devastating typhoon that hit us, our fellow countrymen are starved for they have not eaten for the past 3 or 4 days. No clean water, no clean clothes and others. This is the time for each one of us to help, whether in small or big ways, it will be helpful. As I watched news and one of my favorite shows in the morning, Kris TV, they were able to tell WHAT ARE THE BASIC NEEDS of each family.

1. FOOD - As the show said, for every family of 4 or 5, a 2-kg. of rice will definitely go a long way. If you could buy canned goods that is an easy open can, it will be better. As for me, I bought corned beef that is in a pouch kind of packaging, so that it will be easier for the family to open it. For every family of 4 or 5, 4 bottles of 500ml of bottled or distilled water is needed. Though it will be too difficult, as for now, to cook instant noodles, I still placed 4  so that if there will be ways for them to cook, there is an available food for them.

2. CLOTHES - PLEASE, do not donate WORN OUT CLOTHES, these people need decent clothes. For sure each one of us have clothes that is NOT NEEDED ANYMORE but still can be used. As for underwears, PLEASE DO NOT DONATE THEM ANYMORE, if you could provide, KINDLY BUY NEW ONES.

3. TOILETRIES or HYGIENIC KIT - These should include: SOAP, TOOTHPASTE, SHAMPOO, NAPKIN (for teenagers), DIAPERS (for toddlers/babies)


     As I have shared in my FaceBook status a while ago, I know that what ever my daughters will be donating is not going to be enough BUT I know that they will be able to feed a family one decent meal. Sharing doesn't have to be grand as long as it comes from your heart and you know that YOU will be helping a family, I think that is far more important than anything.

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