October 21, 2013

Conversations With Amaya

     Everyday our kids usually say the craziest and darnest things that most of the time we, parents, are caught off guard. And most of the time, napapaisip tayo ng, AY OO NGA NAMAN or MAY POINT SYA. Every day I have that moment with Amaya, the youngest among my girls. She will be turning 7 this coming December and I tell you everyday, she never fails to make me laugh. Every time she tells something to me, I usually share it in my Facebook and I tell you most of my friends really find her hilarious and all. So starting today, I will be sharing with you my dear readers of our daily conversations. Hoping that it will make you laugh or smile.

    Here is one conversation that happened just this morning, while we were reviewing for her quarterly exams in Language.

     Grech: Amaya ano ba yan? Nalilito ka na?

     Amaya: Mom, you know why ako nalilito?

      Grech (kinda irritable already): o why?
     Amaya: My brain is spinning inside my head that's why I'm nalilito na.

     Grech: ganun?!

     Amaya: yeah mom, ganun?!

     Grech: o sige na sumagot ka na.

     Hahaha! This is one of the many hilarious or funny moments I have with my youngest. This is why even though I am so tired from the whole day of working here at the house, this daily conversations I have with my Amaya is one of my stress relievers. I hope I made you smile or laugh with this one...


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