October 1, 2013

Cupcakes... Anyone?!

     Hello! Dear blog readers.... I know it has been a while since the last post I made. The past month was not a good one for me, health wise. I was down for 2 weeks due to MEASLES. Yup, at my age, I did catch it. Anyway, I am glad to say that after a week of full rest, I am okay, back to my normal routine and all. So I would like to claim that this month, OCTOBER will be a good one for me and my kids. October will be good to me.

     So on with my blog post today... Yup... You read it right, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES. YUM. I am a self confessed chocoholic. So when I learned that one of my co-mommy did a cupcake for one of her clients, I immediately wanted to try it. So last Friday, I sent a message to her via facebook that I would like to order a dozen of cupcakes... Chocolate that is. And she replied that I will be able to get the cupcakes by Tuesday morning (which was today...). I paid 300.00 pesos for a dozen. And now may I present to you the chocolate cupcakes.

the chocolate cupcakes

     I know you want to know how was it? Well, the cupcake itself is soft and moist. The icing is not too sweet, as my daughter said, MOM HINDI SIYA NAKAKAUMAY... I really like it, as in. So the money I saved for buying this is really worth it. I am sure my older daughter will love this too.

     So if you're within Lipa area, here is her number for inquiries - 0918-985-0122 and look for Mahel Gutierrez. Aside from cupcakes, her other products are Brownies (which I really do love too), cookies (different ones), crinkles.

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