February 19, 2014

Friends are Treasures


     Throughout our lives we meet different kinds of people. Some are what we call cliche friends; others, friends whom we could really count on , no matter what happens. I have my high school barkada, whom until now we still keep in touch.

my high school BFFs (Best Friends Forever)
     I have my college friends and thank you to Facebook, we are all still in touch. Since I got married, I have met friends, who turned out to be good friends of mine too, because my husband introduced them to me. They treated me as one of them. 

these ladies are my
friends introduced by my
hubby, Francis.

     I have my mommy friends too. These are my friends because our kids are classmates since Junior kindergarten here at LCC Silvercrest.

the mommies and grandmoms
who are my friends because
our kids are classmates.

   And I have found a new friend whom I became close too because of the social media, TWITTER. Yup. One could make good friends via social media. And through this that I have met and known Chaye. She was introduced to me by Marife (the sexy momma, my term of endearment to her). Who would have known that because of twitter, a friendshop or barkada was formed. Our barkada includes Chaye, Marife, Rachel and me. 

     And last January 9, 2014 we had a post Christmas get together at Starbucks here in Lipa. Since there is no one to look after my youngest, she came with me. It was a happy, super enjoyable afternoon. We talked anything, as in anything under the sun. Up to the point already that I don't know what topic we're talking about. Hahaha!

my new barkada
(left to right)
Chaye, Marife, Rachel
we still have one thing in common
our love of Yosi Samra.
     One can never have too many friends in their lifetime. I am so blessed that I have met these wonderful and beautiful ladies, have formed a different kind of bond and friendship to each group and individuals. I know there are the people whom I could really count on, no matter what.

     Thank you ladies for being so nice to me. Accepting me for who and what I am. Cheers to GREAT FRIENDSHIPS. 

*most of the photos posted are from my personal Facebook and Twitter account*

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