February 14, 2014

Poems About Love

     Happy Valentine's Day my dear readers. Today will be a different Valentine's for me and my girls. It will be the very first time that we will celebrate it without Francis, hubby and tatay to girls. Although he is not around, I don't want this day to go on without giving something to the girls. To my older girls, I gave each of them a red balloon with 3 pieces of Ferro Rocher. To my youngest, though she is not fond of eating chocolates, I bought her a red balloon too. As for me, I bought myself some chocos, never mind the calories. Hahaha! 

    In time for this day, one of the books that I really like (and worth buying) is the book entitled LOVE & MISADVENTURE by Lang Leav. When I saw the ratings of this book via GoodReads, I decided to buy a copy and see what it is really all about. It is a book consist of poems divided into 3 parts namely:
               - MISADVENTURE

               - THE CIRCUS OF SORROWS

               - LOVE

the book
(got this from my Instagram)

     In every poem that you will be reading, for sure you will be able to relate. Love of what happened in the past, of what is going on right now and what is your feeling as well. It just took me an hour and a half to finish this book. Even my eldest daughter loved this one. This is one book I could really recommend to you. Let me share with you my dear readers, some of the poems/lines from this book. 

"Love is a game
of tic-tac-toe,
constantly waiting,
for the next X or O."

"Love is good,
it is never bad-
but it will drive you mad!
When it is given to you,
in dribs and drabs."

"Like time suspended,
a wound unmended-
you and I.
We had no ending,
no said good-bye.
For all my life, 
I'll wondery why."

"She thanked him for his gift of music
and poetry but above all else -  for showing
her sadness because she had known
neither of these things before him.
But it was now time for her to go away - 
to find someone who could show her
what happiness was."

"Every letter
that she types,
every keystroke
that she strikes - 
To spell your name
again and again -
is all she ever wants to write"

     These are just few of my favorite lines or poems from the said book. For a change, why not give a gift of book to someone today. 

     Happy Valentine's Day! 

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