December 23, 2013

DIY Loot Bags For Amaya's 7th Birthday

     A month before Amaya's birthday, I started buying the things that I will be using for the loot bags, the things will be placed in the loot bags. Since my family is not really keen on celebrating such event, hubby and I decided just to give loot bags on her birthday to her classmates. Since DIY is the "IN" thing to do nowadays, I decided to do this as well, with the help of my daughter Joie. So let the pictures do the talking....
Bought this brown paper bags
at SM grocery for 25 pieces
this is worth 52.00 pesos

This Loony Toons and
Sesame Street pencil
cases I bought at National
Bookstore for 29.75 each

Since boys love Ben 10 and girls
love tinkerbell, I bought these
stickers at a local grocery store.

These puzzles I bought
it also at National Bookstore.

these cutie pencils I bought
at National Bookstore at 6.50 each

these small coloring books
with stickers inside, I bought at
a local grocery here for 5.00 pesos each.
These set of pencils with erasers
I bought at a local grocery store
for 13.50 pesos each.
these are some of the
washi tapes I bought at
the local grocery store.
Those long strips, I have to
put glue on it.
So this is what I did with the
brown paper bag. I placed the long strips
on the sides of the bags. Then in the
middle of the bag, my daughter
Joie wrote each of Amaya's
classmates names with simple design.
I also bought sticker paper at
National Bookstore.
This is the front part
of the paper bag. I put some washi tapes on
it too, then wrote holiday
greetings at a small sticker

     So there goes my DIY loot bags. And I tell the moms sent me messages via Facebook and told me how their kids loved the things I placed in each of the loot bags. By the way, I also put some chocolates and other kinds of "sugar rushed" foods for the kids. Hey it is Christmas so let them enjoy this one.

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