December 18, 2013

Online Shopping: Elin.Ph

     One of the many advantages of having the internet is the ONLINE SHOPPING. I have done it once before (click here) and now it is my second time to do it. One of the many reasons why I tried is because of the mommy bloggers I follow, usually buys their tops and dresses from them. So while I was browsing Elin's Facebook page (click here) last November, I saw this dress....
Grabbed this photo
from Elin's Facebook page

     And I instantly fell in love with it. Since there was an occasion where I could use it, I went to their website, and I immediately ordered this dress. I entered my name and other important details. Then as soon as I clicked SEND, few minutes after I received an  email from them and their BPI account number (since this is the mode of payment I chose).

     After I have paid, I emailed to them the deposit slip, as a proof that I deposited the payment already. Since the transaction happened on the a Friday (a day before Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines), I was able to receive my package on a Wednesday. I was so excited to open, see and fit the dress.

This is where my
dress was placed. Sorry if
gusot na yung packaging
I was able to wear
the dress on the wedding
of my brother in law. I wore
a heeled shoe but during the
reception, I wore my ballet flat shoes.
     So how was it? The dress fits me perfectly. I love the jersey typed of material used in this dress. I so love how it looks on me. Even my kids and husband loved my dress. Simple yet elegant. I hope I did some justice in wearing the dress. This will not be the last time that I will order from them. In fact, there is this top that I really love and as soon as I have enough savings, I will definitely order from them again. 


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