April 18, 2012

Graduation Ball Preparations

I should have blogged this last month but since I was really super duper busy during the last 2 weeks of March until the 1st weeks of April I wasn't able to blog at all. Obvious isn't it?! Hehehe! Anyway, I have a lot of stories to tell, ganito ata talaga pag mother. 1st stop, Graduation Ball of my eldest daughter, Arielle. Yes, you read it right, GRADUATION BALL. By the way, Arielle is just gr. 6. When I was in grade 6 we never had any grad. ball. After graduation, swimming na lang. On with my story. This first part of my story is the preparations of Arielle's Grad. Ball.

1st thing we looked for as early as February was the dress. Since Arielle doesn't like to wear a gown, we went looking for a COCKTAIL DRESS. Now here comes my dilemma, what the hell is a cocktail dress?! Hahaha! And as we googled it, and there it was. So we went to SM and looked around. The nicest cocktail dress we have seen will cost us 1,995.00 pesos. OM! One time lang gagamitin. So Francis decided to bring us to Robinson's and there we found the "perfect" cocktail dress for Arielle... And the price: 990.00 pesos only.... Yehey!!! We were able to save at least a thousand pesos. Here is the dress:

the cocktail dress

As the month of March ushered in, I decided to buy the shoes that will match the dress. Someone told me and Arielle that a silver heeled shoes will be the perfect "match" for the dress. This time we saw something nice at SM. And it was a great surprise for us again, kasi the shoes that my daughter liked was ON SALE. from 900.00 pesos we just paid 500.00 pesos. I believe lady luck is always with us every time we look for things...

the shoes...

The dress is ready as well as the shoes... Next stop the part itself. Well I guess that will have to wait. :)

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