April 27, 2012

Time to Party!!!

So here is the next part of my long delayed post from my eldest daughter's graduation ball. After the preparations (click here) and all, it is time to party. Their Graduation ball held last March 28, 2012 at Green Leaf Resort. I have to tell you my blog readers, lots of pictures here. Enjoy...
my daughter, after the make-up
and all, how grown up my
Ate Arielle is...

before we leave the house,
photo op with my 2 other
daughters who went with their
ate Arielle...
the teachers at the registration table

Just like any occasions at school,
a mass is always held.

the teachers are their finest dresses

these were once kindergartens and
now look at them, how pretty
they look and all grown ups.

caught my daughter shedding
some tears as she says THANK YOU
to one of her mentors at school.

Ate Arielle with Tr. Gareth, her adviser
for their school newspaper

this one really made me teary-eyed.
Tr. Madel used to be her teacher
during her kindergarten days

I am sure my Ate Arielle will
surely miss Tr. Madel...

this box made by ate Arielle, secretly,
was given that night for me and for
her Tatay Francis.

Instead of the usual dance, the party ended with the kids taking pictures with their respective teachers and friends. I, too, enjoyed the party. Until next graduation ball, this time it is Ate Joie's turn.

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