May 7, 2012

NSO Experience

This morning I went to National Statistics Office here at Fiesta World Mall, Lipa City. Since I have to finish my household chores here at home, I left my place at 10:00 in the morning and arrived there at 10:30 a.m. It is Monday that is why traffic is all over the place. Anyway, as soon as I arrived, I saw this long, long line. As in. I almost backed out but I told myself that I have to sacrifice because I really need an NSO copy of my kids birth certificates and mine as well.

So as not to waste my time, I asked somebody where to get the form to that is needed to be screened. Someone pointed to window 2. So off I went to the window and got 4 forms for the birth certificates. I have to fill each form so be sure to BRING YOUR OWN BALLPEN. After filling up all the forms, I started to go to the last person in line so that I could be next. It took me 15 to 20 minutes just to get to the SCREEN WINDOW. The lady behind this window will just encircle the names and the dates that they need. The lady will stamp your forms with a number that will be called for the payment process. So guess what my number was, 1006 to 1009.

In fairness to them it took me another 20 minutes to be called for my payment. After paying, you get the receipts and have the patience until your number is called. In my case, I asked the lady how long do I have to wait, from the time I paid. She told me and hour to 2 hours maximum. So while waiting for the time, I decided to eat lunch, with my friend, Elaine. We decided to go back to the main office of NSO at around 2:15, and after 15 minutes my name was called. I almost shouted because I can't believe that I am almost finished.

There are few things that I noticed in the main office of NSO.

1. The aircondition is broken. Just imagine our perspiration and all. To think lahat ng amoy ng tao na nandun naghawa-hawa na. The only "cold" part is when lining up to the windows when you are called.

2. Be sure to bring a fan, water, biscuits and pen.

3. If you are going to get documents, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS with you especially if they are babies or toddlers. I really pity the children who were brought by their parents with them.

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