May 28, 2012

May is about to end...Bye-bye Summer

The past few days it has been raining here in our place. I believe that summer is about to end and we have to welcome the rainy season. I can't believe my eyes that the month of May is about to end in 3 more days. That means, it is BACK TO SCHOOL already. Oh my! Have you guys finished doing your school shopping? Me almost. Why almost, I have to wait the list of things that I have to buy for my daughter who will be an incoming freshman, high school at Lipa City Colleges. Plus the fact that the notebooks that I have to purchase at the school where Joie goes to, does not have any stocks yet. Susme! May 31 pa ang dating ng stocks, ngarag mode na naman ako.

I still have few more mommy duties that still have to be done. Like as follows:

1. The follow up check up of my kids to their pediatricians plus their flu shots before going back to school.

2. My 2 older daughter's check up to their dentist.

3. I have to go back to LCC for the uniforms of my youngest daughter, it is paid already but they don't have any stocks yet.

So you see my dear blog readers, I am still pretty busy up to the last minute before the school opens. Haay... How about you my dear readers, are you ready for the coming school year opening?!

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