May 12, 2012

Grech: A Mother

A lot of my friends way back in high school and college can't believe their eyes that I CHOSE TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM. Why? Because when I was still single, I really love to go out with my friends. In short, happy go lucky. If my friends invites me to go somewhere, go agad. I really did enjoyed my being single. I was able to watch my first ever Side-A concert somewhere in Greenhills with a good old friend named Lia, (forgot her surname already, sorry...). Had a blast during my first time of going to Enchanted Kingdom with my high school friends. Had a great time with my cousins here in Lipa during our family get togethers.

But when motherhood came knocking at my door when I was 24, I had a 360 degrees turn of my life. My mother told me everything about having a child...blah...blah...blah... And to be honest I got scared. Because I was so used to just think of myself, of what I need, of I what I want. But these things changed when I had my eldest. Then a year after my 2nd. I had a hard time juggling my time with my 2 kids. The "ME" thing is now gone. I have to think of my 2 kids, at that time. I chose to be a stay at home mother because I wanted to be there for my 2 growing up kids. I never regret any of my decisions because I could see how my 2 older girls are turning out to be. #patintheback

And after my 2nd, 7 years after at the age of 32 years old, the youngest came. I could tell all of you my dear readers that IT WAS THE MOST difficult pregnancy I had. But it is all worth it. This time I was more mature in looking after her. I know what to do.

Seeing my girls turning into fine young teens and a pre-schooler as well. I tried, and still trying, my very best to instill in them of how to be RESPECTFUL of others especially to the older ones. How to be LOVING of each other because, like I always tell them, IT IS JUST THE 3 OF YOU, so each of you should love and respect each other, care for each other. I instill in them the value of EDUCATION, aminin natin mga parents this is the only TREASURE we could impart on them. If they are educated they could do anything already. They are the ones to make their own lives, not us.

I am NOT A PERFECT MOTHER but I know I am on the right track, because I could hear what other people tell of my kids, especially of my 2 older ones. My kids know I AM NOT PERFECT as well but they know that no matter what happens I AM ALWAYS HERE FOR THEM.

I am so blessed to have KATHERINE ARIELLE, JOSEPHINE THERESE, and AMAYA ISABELL in my life. Aside from my husband, these three girls are my source of STRENGTH, they make me LAUGH, SMILE and LOVED. I wouldn't trade of me, being a STAY AT HOME MOTHER. I respect working moms but this is my choice and I hope that you respect me as well. I love you girls so much. Thank you for making me "INSANE" once in a while. Thank you for the LOVE you're giving me and thank you for just being you girls....

To all the mothers, mama, mader, mudra, mom, inay and nanay in the entire world, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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