April 8, 2012

Happy Easter....

Last night, it was a first time for me and my kids to attend an Easter Mass here at Mt. Carmel church. It started at exactly 8:30 in the evening with the blessing of the Paschal Candle by the priest. Of course the kids were sleepy during half of the ceremonies. But I told them to make this one an exception because this is the MOST CELEBRATED holiday in the Catholic calendar. And I was thankful enough that my 2 older ones bear with me except for my youngest... Siguro inip na to the max.

During the sermon of the priest he enumerated 3 things that we should remember and do to celebrate the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope I remember it right though. Hehehe!

1. Don't worry to much... - What ever worries one has, alisin na. If you have any doubts at all, alisin na din.

2. What ever that you could do today, do it now for you will never know if you will still have time to do it tomorrow. One fine example is, LOVING. If you could love the person right now and give it more, then do it. Baka bukas wala na. If you could share or give your time to the most important people in you life(lives) do it now. Rather than regret it later of not doing it.

3. Forgive... Sabi nila you could totally forgive a person if you have forgotten the pain he/she has caused you. Among these 3 I believe the third part will be most difficult for me. I could forgive but I could not easily forget. haaay. I guess this is one thing I should practice.

Although I was sleepy during the 1st part of the ceremony but during the sermon I was really listening intently and trying to digest whatever the priest is telling us. And today as we celebrate Easter Sunday, let us not forget the essence of celebrating the life of Jesus Christ.

To you my blog readers, HAPPY EASTER. Let us rejoice and be glad that the good Lord Jesus has risen...

p.s. It is nice to be back as well...will definitely blog starting the coming week.

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