February 8, 2012

Amaya's 1st Assessment

Yesterday Amaya and I went to SilverCrest, the elementary division of Lipa City Colleges. We arrived at exactly 1 pm. Sir Johnel, the principal, gladly accommodated us. We went inside his office and the first thing he asked was how old is Amaya, I said she just turned 5 last December. Yup to my fellow readers, I know this age is late for she should have went to a day care or pre-school. But due to money "shortage" we weren't able to enroll her but here at home I make sure that she will not be left behind. Anyway that will be for another blog though.

On with my story, as Sir Johnel asked his first question, which she could answer without batting an eyelash, what is your name? Then she started to cover her eyes with her hands and said, I Can't See You. hahaha! There it goes my dear readers. She never said a single word. So what Sir Johnel did was he brought me and Amaya to the playroom (and I tell you it is well equipped with educational toys and books, will be blogging about the school...sooon). There I didn't join sir Johnel and Amaya. And there I heard her finally answer few questions given by Sir Johnel. And that put a smile on my face.

After the school tour, Sir Johnel told me to come back on the 2nd week of May for further evaluation of Amaya. And he reserved a spot already for Amaya. So within now and May, I have to teach Amaya how to write and some basic reading so she could go directly to preparatory. So now I am looking where to buy PATIENCE.... hahaha!

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