February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kiko!

Tomorrow is Francis' birthday. How old is he? thirtyish. Hahaha! Yesterday I bought him a gift already at Regatta. It is the only brand where I could find the size for him, he is kinda big right now that is why it is difficult for me to buy a shirt for him. Anyways, he is the type of guy who considers his birthday just like any normal day.

But for me and the kids, as much as possible, we really try to make it an extra special day for him. The kids are excited for tomorrow though we are never sure if we are going somewhere kasi ndi naman namin birthday. Hahaha! But one thing I always tell Francis is to hear mass. Say a prayer of thanks to the good Lord. Say thank you for all the blessings.

So to the greatest TATAY in the entire universe, Happy birthday! To the most generous, sweet, understanding, loving and the cutie-cute-cute hubby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you so much, tatay! Happy birthday!

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