February 11, 2012

Movie Time

Tonight is the first time that we, my 3 daughters, Francis and I watched a movie, after a loooong time. Hahaha! We watched the last full show of the movie, Journey 2 - The Mysterious Island. I could say that the pacing in the very first part of the movie is quite fast, but in the middle of the movie the real adventure begins. We all had a good laugh while watching the movie.

But in the middle of watching, my youngest tried to convince me that she will pee in the restroom though she is wearing a diaper. Yes I told her to wear a diaper so that we will not go out anymore while watching it. But I have to give in kasi super kulit talaga. Then while I focus myself on the movie in front of me, Amaya started crawling as if she was looking for something. And yes, she was. Nahulog or should I say, inihulog niya yung hawak nyang ipit. Grrrrr! Thankful that my cellphone has a flashlight, Ayun madali namin nakita ang ipit. Haaaay.

After we have found the ipit, ayun focus na ang Amaya sa movie. All in all my 2 older kids enjoyed watching the movie because we watched it during the last full show...mas okay palang manuod pag yun yung time. There is no nosy people talking and reacting to every scene of the movie. If you want to laugh and enjoy, go and watch this with your whole family.

*picture is from google images*

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