January 24, 2012

Fiesta 2011

One of the many festivities here in the Philippines is called a Fiesta. Every year in a certain date a Fiesta is celebrated somewhere within the Philippines. It is usually a 1 week celebration, depends on the town/city, and ends on the day of the fiesta itself. Here in Lipa, January 20 is the fiesta in honor of our Patron Saint, San Sebastian.

Last January 20, a Friday was the town fiesta here in Lipa City, Batangas. So it was so traffic at that time. In the morning a parade was held. Then what added more to the traffic was the vendors selling from the sidewalks. In the afternoon a procession was held.

Every year we never fail to go to my Aunt Luz Africa's place to have lunch and mirienda. And before we go home we usually have our "take home" as well. So for this year, even though times are really hard, my aunt still prepared some simple recipes but super duper delicious foods.

the ever famous fried chicken
of tita Luz. it is my kids'

sorry but I forgot what is
this menu called. hehehe!

On the left, is the kare-kare. On the right
is the cordon Bleu...yummy as well

the ever famous macaroni salad...
my personal favorite

fruits and the tomatoes and
I don't know what is the other
ingredients here....

this what we call SINAING NA
TAMBAKOL....sarap as well...

We all had a great time that day...and of course we went home with a heavy belly. hehehe!

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