January 9, 2012

Story Telling...Part 1

Good morning blog readers... It has been a while since the last time I updated my blog. To be honest from the holiday season up to last week, I am still super busy. Since I am a mother, next to being a wife, I attended to the needs of my eldest daughter first. Anyway, since I do have a lot of story to tell, let me begin with my ever first ME TIME.

Yup, it was a first for me. The entire experience was really a first for me. So here it goes. Last December 27, 2011 I had my first ever pedi-foot spa-mani at Nail-A-Holics at Robinson's Lipa. I have said first because i have never done this before in my entire life. SWEAR. So as I walked in Nail-A-Holics, I told the receptionist that IT IS my first time to avail of such service. So I asked her what she could recommend and told me that CLOUD 9 MANI, PEDI, FOOT SPA WITH SEAWEED WRAP will be a good choice for a first timer like me. (NOTE: sorry for the pics my dear readers, that to my excitement for this I forgot to really take good pics of the entire Nail-A-Holics)

These are the things that are going to be used
on my feet, legs and hands.
The first thing Jhenny (the one who will be doing the mani, pedi and foot spa to me) asked me was what color of the nail polish I would like.l And I really told her, I don't like the usual colors like red, black, blue and other. So she showed me this.

And I liked it...Kakaiba talaga...

The she came out carrying a basin with water and told me that she put something in it, in short foot soak. She told me to place both of my feet inside.

Since it was a first for me I can't help myself to really ask what is she doing to my feet and all. In short, inusisa ko siya and I really had a good conversation with her. After she's done with cleaning my feet and toes included...

nagmukhang toes ng babae finally. hahaha!

She started putting this rough scrub on both of my legs and started massaging. It felt good and I really liked the warm towel that was wrapped on my legs. (Sorry there is no photo of the towel wrapped on my legs.)

After my feet and legs came next my hands. What I did was placed my fingers in this cute "small typed na parang sawsawan, sorry I really don't know how you call it and syempre I forgot to take a picture of it. Then she cleaned my fingers and after few minutes put the nail polish on my fingers.

sorry but my hands are not a good sight
to see. hahaha! but I love the
nail polish though...

So what do I think of my first ever pedi-foot spa-mani experience?

* Since it was indeed a first time for me, I never thought it will take me more than 2 hours sitting there. Since they are short in staff, so the ratio was 1 girl to 1 client, wherein it should have been 2 girls to 1 client.

* All praises ako to Jhenny because she really took care of my feet and hands. She always asks me if the pressure is getting heavy or what? Is it hurting me?

* I could say that everything they used on me, especially the things used in cutting nails and all were all clean.

* If one will be going for the mani-pedi-foot spa combination, better go there early. It is a first come, first serve basis.

* In order not to get bored, bring a book, laptop or any gadget. They offer free wifi. I supposed to bring my iPad but the thing was I got dyahe but it's okay because I was able to talk to Jhenny.

My final verdict: 5 stars. I love their cozy ambiance, the staff were very nice, the receptionist was very accommodating. And I will definitely go back. I will start saving up so that on my birthday I could avail of their services again. They also accept Nail Spa parties.

DISCLAIMER: my dear readers this is NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT, I went to
Nail-A-Holics on my own free will. So all the comments/views made are SOLELY MINE.

Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon and Spa is located at 2nd level of Robinson's Place Lipa
You can call them at: (043) 757-6133

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