January 12, 2012

Story Telling... Part 3

New Year's Eve, this time we celebrated it with my hubby's side of the family here in Lipa. Kids and adults are all so excited because of the delicious foods, prepared and cooked by my brother in law plus this is the time of the year that we usually give and open our gifts. So let the photos roll out....

the gifts galore...Amaya here with
all the gifts...

round fruits...plus pineaplle

ham...this is so delicious...espcially
if placed between 2 loaves of
sliced bread...mmmm

the delicious foods that night

of course ang lechon
every year the family makes it
a point that there is lechon.

My eldest daughter, Arielle and my
youngest, Amaya

This is my 2nd, Joie

Us with Aunti Madre, as we fondly
call her.

kids usually prepare something
for us adults to watch
before giving their gifts.

my youngest with all of the gifts
she received that night.

It was a fun night and the kids (and adults as well) were so happy with the gifts they got and was so full because of the delicious foods that were served that night. Happy 2012 people.

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