January 10, 2012

Story Telling... Part 2

Last Christmas, my brothers and their daughters, me, hubby and my daughters went to my mom's place in Laguna to celebrate our ever 1st Christmas at her house which we fondly call, condo. Why? Because it looks like one. The food were prepared by our mudra, as we fondly call mom. All the dishes were simple, nothing fancy. Hubby and I decided to buy few pieces of chicken at Chowking plus he bought a super delicious chocolate cake from Conti's (Nuvali) and of course sa gustong matikman ang cake, ayun I forgot to take a picture of it. Super sorry. Anyways here are some of our photos during the Christmas holiday. Enjoy.

Before eating, picture-picture muna. hahaha!
Sorry sa outfit ng brother ko, napasobra ang
pagkakafeel at home niya. hahaha!

food galore...simple dishes...pero
super duper yummy...

time to attack...LOL!

Came next the gift giving and of course the much awaited opening of gifts.

the gifts and ampaos

kids and adults alike receive their gifts

everybody is busy opening their
respective gifts

my brother gave me a pair of red Keds shoes.
I love it to the max.
thanks brother dear. hahaha!

We all had a grand time that day at my mom's place. Hoped that you had as well.

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