January 13, 2012

Story Telling... Part 4

Last December 28 my high school barkada had our get together at Nuvali. Our friend Shella flew in from California; Vec and her hubby with their son Riley flew in from London and Arvin from the Middle East (sorry I forgot where exactly eh). We all had a good time. It was a day full of story telling, food, kwentuhan, chisimisan and food. Here are some of the photos that happy day.

While waiting for Maureen
to arrive we decided to
take our pics first

Vec with hubby Rey
and their handsome son

While waiting for our seat
in Conti's

While deciding what
to order, as usual
picture taking

After eating at Conti's

this time sa Starbucks naman
kami nagwentuhan.

the food...again...i love
the chocolate cake
the most...hehehe!

the drinks....

One more time...these are my
high school BFFs.
Shella(in zebra print), Arvin, Cielo(middle)
Vec(in shorts) and Maureen

Until 2012 girls....

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