January 25, 2012

My Favorite Games

I am not the techie-type of person but ever since iPad2 was launched last year, I've been wanting to own one. So last November 2011, hubby gave in and bought me one. So far I am enjoying every minute of it, though the first two weeks, I was having a difficult time using it. Right now I am using the gadget for checking emails, twitter, facebook, doing some drafts for my blog. And half of it, my daughters and I are enjoying the free games we have downloaded (uploaded). So for my Top 5 this week, the games I am really fond of (as well as my daughters).

1. TEMPLE RUN - This is the one game my daughters and I are really addicted to. You have to run, jump, slide and at the same time try to collect the coins along the way. One would notice that the more coins you collect the faster it will go. So far among my us, I have the highest score.

2. WOOORDS - Since I love word games. I downloaded this. There are 3 modes here: the Classic, which provides you with 9 letters and you have to form words from it. Daily Words you could challenge your friends in this mode. Word Jam this is about reaching the target score within the word and time limit.

3. DRAGONVALE - It is like making a village of dragons. One will have to feed it, look after it, make it beautiful so that little people could visit your place. I am just starting in this game that is why I am still in a lower lever. But I am enjoying it. By the way, you could breed your dragons here.

4. TALKING GINA - This is the one game that I always tweet about. This game makes me stress a lot. One will have to feed Gina. By the way Gina is a giraffe. She could say what you're saying. And most of all she loves to play and will enjoy playing with you. In every level of the game there are 3 stars to complete. One has to complete this to go to the next stage. So far I am in level 15 already. My daughters and I love talking Gina.

5. SMURFS - Since smurfs has been an "IN" thing lately, even in the games they have these cute blue people. It is like building your own village. Do whatever papa smurf tells you so that you could get those extra points and xps.

These are just few of the games that I enjoy as well as my daughters. Yes, I allow my kids to play with the gadget, as long as I am around. And with time limit.

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