October 20, 2011

Best of the Best

Last weekend my daughters and I had a movie marathon here at the house watching High School Musical, all of them actually. Watching it over again brings back high school memories. Where I had my first crush and where I have met my high school buddies. And I could say that up to now we are still in touch with each other.

My high school friends are my friends who knows me inside out. It is with them that I could be myself or rather I could let my hair down without any judgement from them. I consider them my MOST CLOSEST FRIENDS in the entire universe. We may have our own lives to live now but I know that every time we see each other the connection is still there even if no words are to be said.
my high school buddies when Vec went home last year.
Maureen (in black), Vec (in orange shirt), & Cielo (in white)

my high school buddies when Shella (in black) went home
this year.

So to my BFFs (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER): Cielo Bernabe, Veronica de Ramos, Shella Llave and Maureen Silan, I love you guys and thanks for being my BFFs after all these years. I can't wait for December to come because this time we will be seeing each other again...

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