October 27, 2011

Sale Everywhere

Everywhere I go (actually within my area lang naman) and every time I look at the newspaper, ang daming Sale. If I just have the money, shop till I drop ang drama ko. But since I am a stay-at-home-mother (and no salary to speak of, ouchie) I have to wait for the budget to come and when that happens tapos na ang Sale (hahaha!) but it's okay.

Not that I am being bitter or what ha but IF I have the money naman more or less most of the things I'll be buying for will be for my daughters. Ganun nga siguro pag mom ka (is this a good or bad trait? Reserved for another time).

Nabusog na ang mga mata ko sa katitingin sa Sale. Most of the time when I go on a window shopping during Sale, the items that I "want" yun pa ang hindi kasama sa sale. Actually this coming weekend may Sale na naman dito sa SM-Lipa. And as usual, wala pa din ako budget to go on a sale shopping. hahaha!

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