October 12, 2011

MY Top 5: Julia Roberts' Movies

It is that time of the week again. Time for my Top 5 and this time it's all about one of my favorite Hollywood actress, Julia Roberts and my favorite movies she starred in.

1. Pretty Woman - one of those classic movies that launched Julia Roberts' career as on of
A-List Actresses in Hollywood. A modern-fairy tale. The one scene that really stuck in my head when talking about this film is that when she went to Rodeo Drive wearing her "cheap looking outfit" while going on a shopping spree. She went to this store to shop but she was looked down
and turned down by the staff of the store. After a while she came back to the same store and she wasn't recognized anymore due to her very chic outfit. She told them that they made a HUGE MISTAKE of turning her away.
2. Mona Lisa Smiles - I love this movie. Julia Roberts plays a teacher trying to make a
difference in the lives of her students. She wants them to realize that after college they could have a career and not just become HOUSEWIVES who are just waiting for their husbands. They could be both, a career woman and a good wife.

3. My Best Friend's Wedding - If I remember it right, I watched this movie with Francis,
my boyfriend then. This movie made me cry. I love the part where she lent her theme song with her guy best friend to him and his wife as a wedding present.

4. Notting Hill - Who could ever forget the line: "After all. I'm just a girl standing in front
a boy asking him to love her." Imagine a successful actress asking an ordinary guy to love her. I know it's that kind of fairy tale movie, but hey we need to watch this kind of feel good movie, even once in a while.

5. Erin Brockovich - I love this film because it is all about a single mother of three trying
to make a living so that she could give her kids a life that is comfortable even if she is having a difficult time juggling time as a clerk in a firm and of being a mother. I love the character's being so feisty and her love to the people involve in the case.

How about you, what is your favorite Julia Roberts film?

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