October 25, 2011

My Apprentice

Two Sundays ago my whole family went on a grocery shopping. After that we all decided to eat our snacks within the the grocery area. While we were eating a common friend of mine and Francis, who is a girl, passed by. Gentleman my husband is, he greeted our friend. After he greeted her Amaya pulled her tatay's collar with matching pandidilat ng mga mata. I told her that the person is a friend. She replied with a: NO! Hahahahaha!!! There goes my apprentice....


  1. ha!ha! I could just imagine your little girl.

  2. @Heart of Rachel: hahaha! correct...buti ndi pa alam ni jules ang wento kung ndi good luck na naman ako sa kanya. hahaha! thanks girl for dropping by ha... :D


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