October 14, 2011

Mommy's Favorite Products

Since I have been a fan of her blog, Mommy Journey, I would like to answer her topic for this week, Mommy's Favorite products and I have a lot of favorites. Since I am a stay at home mom I will do this according to their usage.

1. TOILETRIES - Head and Shoulders for me and my husband; Johnson's baby shampoo for the kids; Nivea soap for Amaya and Safeguard for the rest of the family. Nivea deodorant for me and my daughters while Rexona for my hubby.

2. FOR HOUSEHOLD CLEANING MATERIALS - Joy dish washing; Ariel detergent powder and Tide bar for laundry; Downy for the fabric conditioner; Zonrox, Lysol, and Domex for cleaning of the house and bathroom.

3. FOOD & DRINKS - Purefoods hotdog, Spam, Purefoods chicken nuggets, Nestea iced tea, Del Monte pineapple juice.

Well I guess these are what I really use and buy when I go do my grocery shopping.


  1. our favorites are almost all the same, sis!

  2. I buy Purefoods products, too! Hubby loves Purefoods cheesedog, while my son likes Purefoods chicken nuggets. Thanks for visiting my MM entry!

  3. @MaiThreeBoyz: hahaha! thanks for the comment and for having that extra time in reading my answer.

    @Tetcha: I love going and reading your blog. I am a follower. :D thanks for giving your extra time in reading my answer as well. i appreciate it so much... :D

  4. Nakaka-relate ako sa loves mo! :) I miss Zonroz and Del Monte products na Philipine-made talaga. :)

    I am back at MM bloghopping! Sorry for my absence in the past couple of weeks. I think I can say I'm all settled now in our new place! :) Sharing my PERSONAL LOVED ITEMS, too!

  5. @Rcel: thanks for taking some of your time in reading this blog. I really appreciate it so much. :D

  6. thanks for following my blog :) I truly appreciate it! Btw, I am a fan of Joy dishwashing too! :D

  7. @chris: I love reading your blog. madami akong natututunan. thanks for sparing some of your precious time in reading mine. hahaha! super love ko ang joy kahit mahal siya. hahaha!

  8. Lahat nung nasa food and drink mo e gusto ko! Lalo na ang spam. hehehe! By the way I'm a new follower.

  9. haha ako din sis a food and drink mo check ako lht esp PF hotdogs!

    visting for MM and a new follower here as well..

    more power!

  10. @anney: hello! hahaha! thanks for following...i appreciate it so much especially for taking some of your time in reading my blog.

    @Icar: my kids and i love PF hotdogs. alam nila pag ndi PF. hahaha! totoo yan. thanks for your time in reading my blog and following me. I read your blog as well and aliw ko... :))


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