October 18, 2011

On Being Asthamtic

Lately the weather has been changing, as if it's a girl who can't make up her mind, whether to be rainy, cold or super hot. I have asthma and one of the things I hate is every time the weather changes. Pag summer, I want to go somewhere na cool ang weather pero pag sobrang lamig naman I'm having trouble breathing naman, if it is too cold I could hear my own wheezing sound. Some of you reading this might be wondering, eh san ka ba lulugar? Well that's the problem of having asthma. Below is what my pulmonologist gave me. It is quite expensive but because of my 50% off card I am able to buy it half the price. hehehe! Right now I am kinda okay but I make sure that my inhaler is within my reach in case I have an attack.
*photo is from google images*

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